EPABX stands for Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange which is a private telephone network used by the organizations and the companies for various types of communication, either between the employees or outside the clients. PBX which is Private Brand Exchange is a telephone exchange which is used by a particular office or business, opposite to the one that a common carrier or telephone company operates for many companies and businesses for the general public. Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is also known as (PABX) Private Automatic Branch Exchange and (EPABX) Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange. This telephone system helps businesses to cut cost by using a private branch exchange. With the help of this system, businesses aren’t required to run a line from every phone in the building to the telephone company’s central office.


Unified Communication

UCS is an enterprise-grade Unified Communication solution that offers Collaboration, Communication, Messaging and Mobility. Matrix SARVAM brings diverse users from multiple locations to a common platform for real-time collaboration and communication.

Hybrid Communication

Hybrid Communication solution combines IP and Analog – the best of two worlds for optimum utilization of IT infrastructure, providing agility and flexibility to organizations. It is a diversified range of Hybrid IP-PBXs to meet the changing requirements of small to large enterprises.

Multi-Location Communications

Multi-location solution for modern businesses offers the flexibility to collaborate all the dispersed offices under a single network. It offers the cost-effective calling between offices and long distance calls. Matrix provides Multi-location Office Telephony solution connecting all branches for seamless communication.


Mobility solution combines the cost benefits of IP Calling over VOIP with the convenience and proximity features of a mobile extension. Matrix offers a comprehensive mobility solution for all employees, partners and customers no matter where they are located.

Fixed Media Gateways

Gateways integrate GSM networks directly into the existing telephony infrastructure. This reduces interconnection toll charges and communication costs. Matrix offers a wide range of integrated and scalable Gateways, providing seamless connectivity to GSM/3G networks.

Universal Media Gateways

Universal Media Gateway offering connectivity of VoIP, GSM/3G, T1/E1 PRI, ISDN BRI and POTS networks on a single platform. Matrix Universal Gateway links an organization’s existing infrastructure to the new age communication networks ensuring right connectivity and least cost for each call.

Voice Logger Solutions

Voice logging is the practice of regularly recording telephone conversations. Business sectors which often do voice logging include public safety customer service call centers (conversations are recorded for quality assurance purposes), and finance and for broadcast radio. Early voice loggers recorded POTS lines onto analog magnetic tape. As telephony became more digital, so did voice loggers, and starting in the 1990s, voice loggers digitized the audio using a codec and recorded to digital tape. With modern VoIP systems, many voice loggers now simply store calls to a file on a hard drive.