Face Recognition / Biometric / Card

Face Recognition solution is designed to meet distinctive user identification needs of the organizations. Its powerful user identification algorithm with deep learning technology identifies user precisely and swiftly even in challenging environment conditions. Backed with powerful application software, Matrix COSEC FR is an ideal solution for Time-Attendance and Access Control applications to enhance productivity or security for new-age organizations.

  • Late-in/Early-out Policy
  • Overtime Policy and Authorization
  • Absenteeism Policy
  • Compensatory Off (C-OFF) Policy
  • Shifts and Schedules
  • Automatic Shift Correction
  • Holidays and Restricted Holidays
  • Attendance Summary
  • Leave Management
  • 200+ Reports and Charts
  • Manual Entry and Corrections
  • Attendance Notifications
  • Report Builder Utility
  • Live Head Count of Users

Cafeteria Management

Cafeteria Management application is a solution that automates the process starting from placing an order to delivery and payment. It tracks items, expedites transactions and reduces food wastage along with preventing accounting errors.

  • Balance Recharge
  • Customizable Menu
  • Menu Schedule
  • Auto-selection of Item
  • Cashless Transactions
  • Refund Requests
  • Consumption Status
  • Blocked Users
  • Export Data to Payroll and Billing Software
  • Informative Reports

Contract Workers Management

Contract Workers Management solution is specifically designed for organizations dependent on contract workers. COSEC CWM allows managers and contractors to plan and manage their workforce efficiently to improve productivity and significantly reduce labor cost. Organizations can create and define work orders and assign them to contractors, along with completion dates. Contractors can manage workers' details and attendance from the COSEC web portal.

  • Monitor Task Completion Status
  • Shift Generation
  • Report Generation
  • Worker Master Creation
  • Work Order Generation
  • Web based Dashboard
  • Labor Pass Creation
  • Work Hours Calculation
  • Web based Dashboard
  • Worker Database
  • Export to Third Party Applications
  • Labor Enrolment
  • Report Generation

Job Processing & Costing

Job Processing and Costing application is aweb based solution for organizations working on various projects. This solution allows organizations to track and control project cost and progress very efficiently. Organizations can also monitor user-wise time spent on each job and generate project costreports using various filters.

  • Job Hours based Payment Policies
  • Reports
  • User/Device-wise Job Assignment
  • Central Monitoring
  • Job and Project Process Monitoring
  • Inclusion of Independent Jobs
  • Site Mapping

Field Visit Management

Field Visit Management is an easy tool to manage organizations having employees deployed in the field from a centrally located personnel. The software provides live tracking of field employee schedules via reports with real-time notifications on exceptions. Admin may set day-to-day work schedules and track the movement of field employees.

  • Create Schedules of Individual Users
  • Assignment of Daily Work Tasks
  • View Field Visit Status
  • Live Tracking of Schedule Status via Reports
  • SMS and Email Notifications on Exception

Employee Self Service

ESS is a comprehensive web-based portal that allows COSEC users to monitor and manage all their time-attendance and leave options. Employees and managers can access all employees' time-attendance information and perform related tasks intuitively saving a significant amount of time they spend on such issues.

  • Message Board
  • Shift Schedules
  • Leave Application and Approval
  • Mark Attendance
  • Check Attendance and Leave Status
  • Attendance Correction
  • Cafeteria Details
  • Visitor Pre-registration
  • Reporting Officer Self Service
  • Add/Edit Personal Details
  • User Friendly Dashboard

Cloud Based Access Control & Time Attendance

Cloud-based access control enables you to remotely control and manage doors and gates via an internet-connected device. The system allows administrators to determine who can (and can't) open doors into and throughout a building. Property admins manage access through an online portal.

Time and attendance systems lets you track employee hours and manage pay—crucial tasks for every business with a workforce. The best time and attendance systems are simple to implement and manage. Your employees are compensated appropriately for their work and your payroll bottlenecks are eliminated.

Elevator Access Control

Elevator based Access Control, which allows access and entry in the elevator using biometric or RF Card credential, only to authorized personnel, at allotted time and assigned floors.

  • Alarm on Door Abnormal
  • Centralized Authentication to Data Centers and Data Racks
  • Integration with Video Surveillance
  • Door Status Monitoring
  • Pre-defined Rack Access
  • SMS/Email Notifications
  • Central Monitoring through E-map
  • Integration of IO Controller with Elevator
  • Punch on Matrix Biometric or RFID Device for Verification
  • Access only to the Defined Floor
  • Ideal for Hotels, Corporate Towers and Residential Buildings
  • Controlled Access for 64 Floors in One Elevator

Visitor Management

Visitor Management is designed to automate visitor management process in a professional and systematic method without compromising on security, safety, hospitality and productivity. It automates the entire process, right from planning and registering a visitor to the end of their visit. Seamless VMS establishes a secure premise by keeping a log of every person entering and exiting their facility. The details of the visitor, the entry and exit, the host, all such details are stored, thus in the case of an irregular behaviour, the visitor can be tracked easily